Call me Rastea or Ras!

I draw, I make jewelry, I... do lots of things.

I reblog random stuff more than I post my art but that's because I'm super slow and my attention is very divided.
So um, if you're here for the art you should either just track the tag "RasteaArt" or follow my Art blog instead. The link for that is right here.
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shounenspirit started following you

:3c Hello~

Hope you don’t mind me running around your blog for a bit.

You have good taste in things, yess.

#shounenspirit #I have less than good taste in things though #sorry in advance
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  1. shoujospirit said: Aw thanks! Also, you make sweet art and like some pretty neat stuff as well, so your taste is definitely not less than good!
  2. rastea posted this
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