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whew, after an ordeal today (train and travel issues I complained on twitter a bit about it) and getting to my hotel a good 3 hours later than planned, I am finally here at the con.

now I can take a freaking shower

- Anime protagonist with a tortured past that is still trying to grasp the magic of friendship (via thecornhusker)


Hey everyone!

I’ll be selling this weekend at Rose City Comic Con with my friend Popcrimes!

We have an inline booth just outside the main Artist Alley area, super close to concessions!

If you’re going please come over to see what we’ve got for sale and say hi! We’ve got a lot of super awesome prints to show and I’m bringing along some nifty fandom related pendants so be sure to come take a look!


can’t wait for the steel ball run anime in 2050



This isn’t right. You’re supposed to be with me!

The actual definition of what some guys think when the girl says “no”.

"OMG I did this and that for YOU, you must date me!"

Hell no. If I don’t like you, I won’t date you.

This movie is fucking golden.


Megamind has the ultimate example of a “nice guy”, Hal, who liked Roxanne - and he was clear about it. He “complimented” several things to her in the beginning, which guess what - were not flattering at all, but downright creepy, so really, it was no wonder Roxanne didn’t like him.

But after he gets his superpowers, he expects her to - he expects to be rewarded for being the “good guy”, despite the fact that he hasn’t really done anything for her. When she rejects him and later finds out that she had dated Megamind for a time, he’s furious that she would date the “bad guy” when he is the “good guy”.

Yet despite Megamind being “bad” and Hal being “good”, it’s Megamind who respects what she wants - when she told him to back off, he backed off, and then later apologized, while Hal was legit going to kill her for rejecting him. So really, who is the good guy?


Just wanted to post some shots of the nagirei doujinshi from my twitter from the last week or so. Almost done… *w*

You can preorder your copy of Metamorphosis! a nagirei fanbook here! I’m giving out free pdf versions to all preorders~ The pdf should be ready by the end of september!


Working in customer service

I’m going to draw way too many of these during the weekend…



I haven’t done proper traditional media in years this is awkward.